Member What’s New BLOCK THREE


Side line clamswith extension 1 x 16
Cues: Underneath forearm on the floor, opposite hand extended forwards. Depress the scapular and focus on the underneath oblique.
Reps: 2 x 8

Ronde De Jambe Forwards
Cues: Round forwards back to side, focus on keeping length from the lowest rib to the hips on the working leg.
Reps: 1 x 8

Knee extensions
Cues: The thigh stays still as you move from the knee joint. You focus is to push up away from the floor and look towards your foot.
Reps: 1 x 8-­16

Transition-­side line to quadruped

Quadruped cat extensions
Cues: Place the hands under the shoulder joint and knees under hips. Opposite arm reaches forwards. Cue for your abs to contract as you round through the spine.
Reps: 1 x 8

Quadruped hover with cat/cow
Cues: Lift your knees slightly off the floor but maintain the hips in line with the shoulders.
Reps: 1 x 8

Quadruped hover into downward dog
Cues: Start in hover send your hips up into a downward dog position then back into a hover.
Reps: 1 x 8

Forearm side knee leg lifts intochild pose
Cues: Lift the knee to the side as you press
Reps: 1 x 4 (4 side knee leg lifts and 4 moving child pose)

Forearm knee hover with side line leg lifts and long stretch
Cues: Hover with side knee lifts. Transfer your weight forwards as you move your shoulders slightly forwards of your hands.
Reps: 1 x 4 (4 x side knee leg lifts and 4 x long stretch)