bbarreless Elite Membership Terms

As a Certified bbarreless Instructor you are required to keep your bbarreless skills current. When you join the bbarreless Elite Membership program your certification will remain current as long as you remain an Elite Member. bbl Elite Members receive continuing education, new choreography, marketing material, cues for success, and professional development tools. When enrolling for the bbarreless Elite Membership you are agreeing to all terms of the program. By accepting these terms and conditions through your election to enroll in the payment plan selected by you, you hereby authorize bbarreless to bill and charge the payment method and its associated payment account that you have specified according to the payment plan you have selected. bbarreless Elite Membership is twelve (12) months and will continue yearly unless you inform us via email in the eleventh (11th) month of your twelfth (12th) month cycle.

bbarreless Certification

After you attend a bbarreless instructor training course you have six months before you are required to get continuing education through our online membership.
If you are currently certified in bootybarre you will not be required to test out for your bbl certification. If you are not bootybarre certified, you will need to send in your video to officially be granted your bbl certification. Once you’re certified you can join the bbarreless Elite Membership at any time. If you fail or refuse to bring your bbarreless certification current and continue to teach bbarreless classes you will be in violation of State and Federal trademark law and in breach of granted use as a part of your bbarreless certification.

Video Usage

You agree that you will not share your username and password with others. Also, no sharing membership videos to other instructors or in social media platforms. Excessive usage of your account from multiple IP addresses will be monitored by bbarreless and may be assumed to be fraudulent. In this scenario your account will be immediately cancelled without refund.

Current Information

It is your responsibility to make sure that your payment method information and email account information are current at all times during the term of the payment plan.

Payments, Payment Account and Payment Method

You agree that the payment method specified by you for automatic payments to bbarreless is, and will continue to be, an account that you own, and that you will maintain sufficient availability under your credit card limit, or sufficient funds in the account linked to your debit card or other mode of payment, as applicable, to make your payments. The automatic charge to your payment method will occur on the billing date of the month(s) of payment according to your payment plan. If your payment account number or payment account expiration date changes, you understand and agree that your payment method issuer may notify bbarreless of such changes in order for bbarreless to update your payment account information on file and charge automatic payments to your new payment account information.

Payment Method Declined

If any payment charged to your payment method is declined, you authorize bbarreless to make additional attempts each day. If bbarreless is unable to successfully charge your payment method you will be required to contact bbarreless via email at or phone (626)441-6309 with new form of payment.

Cancellation Policy

bbarreless Elite Membership is twelve (12) months and will continue yearly unless you inform us via email in the eleventh (11th) month of your twelfth (12th) month cycle. Cancellation request must be made via email to on a business day and more than ten (10) days before the billing date, unless otherwise permitted under applicable law, or your payment method will be charged for the then due payment.
Example: If your membership ends on July 15th, 2018 then email cancelation request between June 16th – July 10th, 2018.

Reactivation of Canceled Membership

If you previously canceled your bbl Elite Membership you may choose to reactivate it within six (6) months for a fee of $55. After one (1) year you will be required to either participate in a review course, take an online refresher course to reinstate your bbl certification, or pay a fee designated by bbarreless at the time of request.