Who can use the trademark bbarreless?

Anyone currently certified in bbarreless (including current bbarreless elite membership) has the right to promote and use the bbarrreless trade mark so long they follow the guidelines in their written license agreement. If you are to see any misuse of our trademark please inform us asap to info@bbarreless.com

Proper Use for bbarreless Trademark

bbarreless is written ALL lower case without any space, no exceptions are made.

Do NOT use bbarreless in appropriately

  • Do not use make up classes and names with bbarreless in the title.
  • Do not use bbarreless within your company trade name.
  • Do not use bbarreless in any social media or domaine name. For example “bbarrelesscalifornia.com or @bbarrelesscalifornia this is NOT permitted and a violation of your agreement.
  • Do not use bbarreless as a facility name.

Videos/Social Media

Marketing videos provided by bbarreless are the preferred use of marketing for your classes. License cannot create videos or DVD’s which imitate bbarreless choreography. Short marketing videos maybe made by licensed instructors but first MUST be approved by bbarreless. A licensed instructor is not authorized to duplicate choreography for social media. The use of using bbarreless choreography with any reference to the bbarreless trademark is forbiden unless approved by bbarreless. Copyright violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

LIVE streaming/virtual performance/PR Performances

Your license agreement does not allow LIVE streaming or any virtual performance of bbarreless classes. bbarreless license agreement is solely for LIVE studio classes. Representation of bbarreless on radio, TV and online PR must solely be approved by bbarreless for participation and association.

Trademark usage

On materials promoting bbarreless including time schedules the appropriate trademark symbol must appear. bbarreless®. This symbol must appear on each page in reference to the trademark.


Licensee and its Instructors are not allowed to manufacture, create or distribute any merchandise or other promotional items except those purchased from bbarreless. Trademarks or logos are not permitted to be reproduced on clothing for sale.

Guidelines for using the bbarreless trademark

The bbarreless trademarks are valuable assets of bootybarre INC and may only be used in accordance with these guidelines. In following these guidelines, you help protect your students and customers and you help bootybarre and bbarreless protect our valuable trademark rights, strengthen our brand. Plus, helps you distinguish you from competitors who are NOT certified in barre education. Trademark Offices around the world provide our company with legal means for protecting consumers, licensees, distributors and our company from imitation or counterfeit products and programs. These rights include the exclusive right to use our trademarks in the countries they are registered and a presumption of validity of the registered trademarks. Proper use of the marks serves to distinguish bbarreless products and services from the products and services of other companies and helps prevent damage to our marks. bbarreless also has trademark registrations and rights in most countries, including the United States and all members of the European Community.