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Z position with attitude

Cues: Hands onto the floor diagonally forwards in front of the forwards knee. Press the hands into the floor as you depress the scapular and pitch the body slightly forwards towards the floor. Lift the back leg whilst pushing away from the floor and keeping your body low towards your knee which counter balances the back attitude.

Reps: 1 x 8-16

Z position with attitude into mermaid

Cues: When teaching the exercise for the first time, be mindful to use the music. Four counts forwards into attitude and four counts into mermaid, then progress to two counts. Adding a triple pulse into mermaid is a great alternative but more advanced.

Reps: 1 x 8-16 optional additional triple pulses

Z position cat attitude

Cues: Contract the abs into a cat position maintaining the thigh parallel with the knee in line with the ankle joint. As you bring the leg to slight hip extension be mindful you’re not hyper extend the upper thoracic spine.

Reps: 1 x 8-16

Z position cat attitude with hip lift (advanced option)

Cues: As you move your leg into slight hip extension, lift your hips off the floor to activate the obliques as you depress the scapular and push away from the floor.

Reps: 1 x 8

Z position to v sit

Cues: Rotate the body towards the feet sideways on the mat, with the shins parallel to the ceiling. Keep hands on the floor for balance then progress to lifting the hands forwards to shoulder height in the v sit.

1 x 8 without arms and 1 x 8 with arms in front

V sit toe taps

Cues: Three toe taps into two leg extensions, keep lumbar spine slightly rounded. Hold behind the calves or knees depending on flexibility.

Reps: 2 x 8

Abs extension to v sit into ball

Cues: Circle the arms around with palms facing upwards into v sit (spine extended) then circle arms around as you extend the legs and upper torso. Roll up into a ball position with the arms reaching over and spine in a c-curve.

Reps: 1 x 4-8

Boomerang variation

Cues: Sit tall with the legs crossed and the arms by the side of the body. Roll over and switch the legs, as you roll back place the hands by the side of the body. Reach forwards in a hamstring stretch.

Reps: 1 x 8

Repeat on the other side.