We Have Missed You!

Do you remember how you LOVED shaking your booty at the barre, the legs shaking, the heart pumping and the smile on your face!?

Yes, that’s what bootybarre® does to you, especially when you’re teaching great innovative choreography at the barre. How exciting to deliver new challenges and insightful cueing to really help your students meet their goals.

I know time get’s away from you and before you know it your bootybarre certification is expired.

Over the last few years our program has grown with so many new courses that will expand your repertoire, fine-tune your teaching skills and enlighten your passion for teaching barre.

What’s New!

Our anticipated Bootybarre membership is finally here! Yes, you heard me right! Monthly Cues For Success, valuable marketing information and resources. Plus NEW Pro Series workouts released quarterly, starting with 1 thru 8.

Your bootybarre training gives you an instructor license for 1 year, but as a bootybarre Member, your license will never expire as you continue your education to be the best instructor you can be.

Connect with a network of new and also experienced instructors from all over the world with our private forums. Learn about a variety of topics in these Members only discussions.

Marketing materials and an elevated status on the bootybarre website. We want to promote our educated instructors and provide valuable marketing information and resources.

You will receive NEW quarterly class content to keep your workouts fresh and your students happy. Plus, enjoy monthly cues for success and choreography.

Join Our Team (here’s a sneak peek!)
Indefinite bootybarre licensed instructor with membership

Eligible to join our NEW courses for only bootybarre certified instructors.

Join Our Team

Be a part of a team of supportive individuals and support to help you be successful

  • Indefinite bootybarre licensed bootybarre instructor with membership
  • Elevated status on the bootybarre website – Pop up first in your area
  • Monthly Cues For Success – Dig deeper into bootybarre basics, learn essential cues and ideas on how to switch up your experiences within the blocks
  • Marketing Resources – Marketing information to help your business grow
  • Pro series 1 thru 8 – The original 1-6 now online
  • Quarterly New Pro Series – A new Pro Series class will be released every four months
  • Private Educational Forums – Connect to members, get your question answered by Tracey Mallet and the bootybarre Master Trainers