I am a Pilates fanatic, so getting certified as a Pilates Instructor was the next natural step for me. When I learned about bootybarre I decided to compliment my Pilates knowledge with the fluidity of the bootybarre movement.

bootybarre format and movement chisels one’s body into a lean and slender physique. It combines Pilates, yoga and dance movement into one cohesive, graceful and diverse repertoire of exercises which invigorate your body and your soul.

TraceyMallet’s passion, dedication and enthusiasm towards the bootybarre method made me more ambitious in helping people reach their goals of fitness and well being. Knowing that clients are fitter, healthier and happier by doing bootybarre motivates to learn even more about this wonderful method.

Our clients in Dubai absolutely love it, as its creative and diverse repertoire targets endurance and strength in a very lively, fluid and inspiring manner.