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Start Date – OCTOBER 18-25

ATP Specific Training
1942 Huntington Drive
Los Angeles, California 91030 United States
October 25, 2018 - October 25, 2018
Thursday: 5:57 pm - 5:57 pm

Introducing bbarreless! A barre class without the barre.

bbarreless is a fusion style class with a true foundation of Pilates performed to the beat of the music. You will experience a mind body connection fused with dance and Pilates, transitioning from standing to the floor. Classic barre exercises have been broken down to be performed in the center of the room, allowing you to move with strength and grace. Floor barre has been used for generations by dancers as it allows them to explore new movements and gives them the strength to move with elegance utilizing the floor to support their body and strengthen their core to prevent any future injuries.

* If you can’t log-in on October 18th, not to worry, you’ll have 1 month to log-in and watch.

This course to be held as a Private Group session and will be instructed by Tracey Mallett. You’ll learn to become a bbarreless Instructor by simply logging-in and participating from the comfort of your studio, home, or gym. She will take you through the bbarreless course fundamentals, movement and modifications, blocks, apparatus, and flow. You will be shipped a bbarreless choreography manual and a link to the bbarreless choreography video will be emailed. After you register you will receive a email with an attached bbl contract that you’ll need to sign then scan & email back to us. When this is returned to bbarreless.com we’ll authorize shipment of manual and link to video.

No prerequisites to register for this training.

PLEASE NOTE:  NO REFUNDS will be available after purchase.